Mill Plain Children's Village Day School  15301 SE Mill Plain Blvd Vancouver, WA 98682;    Telephone:  360 253-2908

Tigard Children's Village Day School  10400 SW Park St. Tigard, OR 97223;    Telephone: 503 620-4010


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Learning Centers

Learning Centers


At Children's Village Day Schools our classrooms are made up of "Learning Centers". The children are empowered to make their own choices, moving through the centers on their own.


Art Center

Painting, using fine motor skills with scissors, drawing, and making collages.... Our art activities emphasize the "process" not the "product". All children experience success in art. We encourage creativity, as well as reinforcing fine motor control and learning concepts such as color, shape, and texture.


Dramatic Play Center

This center takes on the physical characteristics of any experience children might encounter: Fix-it shop, pizza parlor, pet shelter, shoe store, post office... Through self-directed role-playing, the child increases verbalization, social skills, and self-confidence.


Science and Discovery Center

The primary purpose of this center is to provide sensory experiences relating to science. Experiments proceed through observation and exploration... hands-on activities. Activities emphasis is on measuring, weighing, magnifying etc.


Pre- Math Center

Activities that demonstrate whole/part relationships, size and shape, A-B sequencing, sorting, numbers and counting... opportunities to experience numbers and relationships. Cooking is a wonderful math activity that takes place in all classrooms.


Manipulative Center

Blocks, legos, tinker toys... this center focuses on activities that involve hand eye coordination and cognitive skills. Lots of fun using imagination and self exploration.



Throughout the day, music is used to enhance each activity. It may be during dance, poetry, language development, or naptime. It may be with tapes or just making our own. Music is also used as a way of introducing pre-math skills through the rhythm and beats.